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Today my radio/TV show starts a new format.  The hour begins with my current news and analysis report.  After the report comes an interview or other topics. Today’s news focuses on a fake VA study claiming that hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin were causing the deaths of veterans hospitalized with the coronavirus, but I come up with a shockingly different analysis of its own data—and force a turnabout in the media. After the report, Bob Whitaker, journalist and scientist, gives an extremely informative and lively interview about the latest big lie from psychiatry (it is a whooper) and about encouraging developments in Europe with drug-free inpatient treatment.  This is truly a fine interview with one of the most effective people in the psychiatric reform movement.  A good Dr. Peter Breggin Hour.

The Most Ancient Plagues:  Lessons for Us in the Midst of Our Covid-19 Epidemic

A stunning interview with Professor of Classics Michael Fontaine PhD about historical descriptions of the first recorded plague in Ancient  Greece.  It also raised interesting issues about women and children in class times.  This is one of the most interesting and enlightening interviews I have ever done.   It became surprisingly inspiring on how to live today in the face of the coronavirus.

When the Shutdown Makes You Crazy:  At this time in the coronavirus pandemic,  when families are afflicted with so much stress and yet forced to remain together in the same household, conflicts and tensions are likely to heighten.   If approached properly, this close  proximity, instead of leading to tragedy, can lead to vastly improved communication and much better relationships.  My guest, psychologist Howie Glasser, and I discuss the most basic and important principles for having positive, rational communications that improve our relationships with those who matter in our  lives.   We provide guidelines and specific examples of how to change our approach to talking with those we care about and live with.   This is a good complement to the previous week’s Dr. Peter Breggin Hour, “Talking Together,” in which I cover similar issues in a presentation of my own, drawing on my many years as a therapist, husband and parent. 

Talking Together: Foolproof  Principles for Great Communication

In this time of going stir crazy from the shutdown, this presentation could save your marriage and your family life.  It can help you handle any trouble you may have now or in the future communicating with your husband or wife, your children, your friends, coworkers or boss.  From decades of experience, here are four guidelines to vastly improve your life by vastly improving your relationships.  I start with Western saloons that had signs, “Leave Your Guns Outside.”  Even without guns or other weapons, we humans have so many ways of hurting each other in ordinary conversation.  Here we learn how to stop hurting each other and then go on to how to  make all of our words improve our communications and our most important relationships.   This is among my best-ever presentations and perfect for those of us who are shut-in with family.  It could turn those “inevitable” conflicts into the best times of our lives.  You may end up grateful to this lousy virus for forcing you into learning how to remake your most important relationships.  

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