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My periodic guest team of my friends Pam Popper, PhD (a great nutritionist) and Pinar Miski, MD (a great psychiatrist) have a great time talking with each other and with me about nutrition, living a good life, and surviving the coronavirus.  Enjoy listening to good friends sharing thoughts about being alive today.   It may inspire you to enjoy life more.

Virologist Judy Mikovits PhD is the author of Plague of Corruption about the industrial misuse and abuse of science.  On the Dr. Peter Breggin Hour, we go at intimidating questions others avoid.  Is Covid-19 the product of Anthony Fauci’s policy decision to collaborate with China to make virulent epidemic viruses?  Was Fauci’s decision to push remdesivir wildly misguided?  Should you take hydroxychloroquine for Covid-19?  Did the shutdown work?  Is there hope for a vaccine for Covid-19?  Can vaccines cause autism?  Is it safer and healthier to catch the flu than to get the flu vaccine?   Issues like this are also discussed and documented on Dr. Breggin’s free Coronavirus Resource Center on

The annual World Benzodiazepine Awareness Day or W-BAD is coming up again.  My guest is Wayne Douglas, co-founder of the event, whose life was overwhelmed by these drugs, which include Valium, Xanax, Ativan, Klonopin and Serax.  Even when taken as prescribed, the benzodiazepines can ruin individual lives and the lives of their family.  They can lead to abuse and dependence, cause withdrawal reactions, and leave individuals with lifelong emotional and cognitive problems.  We also discuss the broader implications for every class of psychiatric drug, all of which can lead to cognitive decline and loss of quality of life, with many causing or contributing to suicide or violence.  Wayne has been a remarkably effective advocate for awareness of harms caused by these drugs, even addressing the Japanese Parliament, the country in which he received the medications.  The show also includes an amazing description of Wayne experiencing the Fukushima earthquake and the subsequent damage to the nuclear power plant.  Wayne Douglas may inspire you to find a group in your city to join in spreading life-saving information about these drugs. If you have been harmed by the “BZs” you will find companionship and inspiration through joining the reform movement.  You can connect at

Master Sergeant Troy Drasher had the most difficult, emotionally challenging job I have ever heard of inside or outside the military.  When his air force doc recommended he “take a little something to take the edge off,” his life gradually declined into nightmare under the impact of psychiatric drugs.  To the rescue came Dr. Mary Neal Vieten’s Warfighter Advance, one of the best recovery programs I have ever learned about.    You will rarely hear such clarity brought to the difference between psychiatry and genuine help.  Please listen to his story and his recovery.

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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