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Attorney Jim Gottstein is a human rights hero.  At grave personal and professional risk to himself, he made public the inside information demonstrating that Eli Lilly & Co was hiding the deadly effects of its so-called antipsychotic drug Zyprexa.   Jim’s new book, The Zyprexa Papers,  is a dramatic and revelatory exposé coupled with an inspirational message that people can and do recover from deeply distressed psychospiritual experiences, including psychosis, without taking drugs that can destroy their health and even take their lives.   Yet there is much more to Jim's career, including many successful cases before the Alaska Supreme Court on behalf of patient rights.  There is no other lawyer in the world like Jim Gottstein.  This is a great discussion between two lifelong reformers. 

Professor John Read from Great Britain is one of the finest, most dedicated mental health professionals in the world.  His work and today's discussion spans from research into the origins of psychosis to the abysmal failure of ECT and the hazards of psychiatric drug withdrawal.   This wonderful hour with Dr. Read is worth sharing with everyone with any interest in reforming psychiatry, psychology and mental health services.  Getting to know this person and his work is a treat.
Psychiatry Unmasked:  Two Leading Critics Talk.  Peter Gøtzsche, MD and I take a head-on look at the essential flaws and corruption that pervade psychiatry.  Dr. Gøtzsche is the outstanding Danish researcher who is the leading European critic of psychiatry.  You won’t find a better overall critique anywhere.  We look at the harm caused by the neurotoxic drugs, the curse of involuntary treatment, the myths of biochemical and genetic causes, and psychiatric resistance to teaching people how to safely withdraw from psychiatric drugs.  We suggest to psychiatrists what they can do to partially redeem themselves and urge them to take the courageous steps! 
Best Dr. Breggin Hour Ever! Virologist Dr. Judy Mikovits makes the most interesting and informative show I can ever remember doing!  Her knowledge about the coronavirus and origins of the pandemic are stunning.  In this second hour with Judy, we delve deeply into where the virus got started in American laboratories, how Chinese scientists were involved way back in time, how it must have been fabricated, and the role that treacherous Anthony Fauci played in allowing if not making this happen.   I have learned more from these two interviews with Dr. Mikovits than from any other interviews I can recall.  For your sake, and the sake of humanity, see this interview with Judy Mikovits, and then watch the earlier one, too. 

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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