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Irrefutable Evidence: COVID-19 Practices Are Intentionally Murdering People  

Dr. Peter Breggin, and his guest Dr. Bryan Ardis, ask the question, “Are people in power capable of systematically murdering those under their care and control?” Dr. Breggin begins by summarizing the historical truth that human history is dominated by elites and other leaders who purposely use and murder large numbers of those under their control. Dr. Ardis and Dr. Breggin then look at incontrovertible evidence that those in control of COVID-19 medicines and vaccines have been planning and continue to implement treatments that are murdering people in America and throughout around the world. This discussion goes where few dare to go—to the most chilling conclusion of all, based on the history of humanity and current COVID-19 medical practices.  The mighty continue to exploit and to destroy the meek.   In the process, the mighty grow mightier, bloating their wealth, grandeur, and power--while the remainder of people are sapped of their strength and life. That is precisely what is being systematically perpetrated by global predators under cover of public health measures.  For more information, the book, COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey, by Peter and Ginger Breggin, confirms with mountainous historical and scientific facts how the global predators are purposely destroying human life on their way to crushing political liberty and to dominating and exploiting humanity.      

Peter McCullough and Dr. Peter Breggin Mass Psychosis or the Human Condition?
Dr. Breggin's interview produces brilliant analyses of the most important COVID issues today and Dr. Breggin's comments on them places them in the context of the Global Predators.  Is it mass psychosis or the human condition?
Jenny Beth Martin--An American Hero


We are delighted to welcome Jenny Beth Martin, outstanding patriot and American, on ReFounding America.  Ginger and I have admired Jenny Beth and her dedication to liberty and freedom for many years. She has been leading the Tea Party Patriots for over a decade. Time Magazine listed her as one of the 100 most influential leaders in the world in 2010 and she continues to reach millions of Americans with education and information about fiscal responsibility, free market principles and constitutionally limited government.    

New Year’s  Celebration with the Amazing Physicians Kirk and Kimberly Milhoan.  


For the first time, producer Ginger Breggin joins her husband Peter on air on their weekly television/radio show, ReFounding America, with plans for regularly appearing with him.  She does so with a remarkable couple as their guests, medical doctors Kirk and Kimberly Milhoan, who are committed to living their lives together as guided by God with devotion to service and to the truth. The two couples share experiences in taking on establishment medicine and politics during COVID, leaning on their spouse and on God for strength, and trying to live without compromising truth or God’s purpose for them.   In sharing with each other and their wonderful audience, the two couples offer an opportunity for exploring how to live life honorably and to the fullest. 

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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