In the hour preceding this particularly great hour of my own radio show,  I watched myself flicker across the screen of a Dr. Oz television show titled “Is There a Link between Psychiatric Drugs and Violence?”  Oz gives me a few seconds to say that the FDA confirms that antidepressants cause “hostility and aggression,” and then cuts me off as I’m going to continue that the FDA also specifies “violence” in the Medication Guides for antidepressants.  So today’s Dr. Peter Breggin Hour opens with me passionately, and with some frustration, expressing my limited satisfaction and enormous disappointment in the Oz show.  But in many ways it was a highpoint in my reform work, because Dr. Oz raised the issue of psychiatric drug-induced violence in the title of his show and at one point held up a lengthy list of mass murders involving psychiatric drugs—a sight that will stick with millions of viewers. Then, as glorious fate would have it, my guest for my own show on this day is Thomas Moore, one of the world’s premier experts on the scientific study of adverse drug effects, and the author of key studies on violence induced by prescription drugs.  Our dialogue is packed with information.  This is a don’t-miss hour.

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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