Lawyer and cardiologist Brant Mittler MD is man of enormous insight into the problems of monitoring and evaluating medical and psychiatric treatment, and brims over with enthusiasm for critically intelligent conversation.  We talk about a psychiatrist Brant reviled in his medical training, and how I was later an expert against the same doctor.  The psychiatrist was abusing his patients and when they complained he would send them to Harvard for lobotomies.  Here about the remarkable outcomes of my two cases against him.   Brant also read my Michelle Carter Blog Series based on my experience as the medical expert for the girl who supposedly told her boyfriend to get back in his fume-filled truck to die.  I finished my blog series today on, also accessible through   The Michelle Carter trial is a model for how our society has turned on its children, sacrificing them to the greed of adults and adult institutions including the justice system and psychiatry, and the omnipresent seemingly omnipotent Pharmaceutical Empire.

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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