A potentially lifesaving show where I talk in the second half hour about nutritional changes you can make that can improve your physical health dramatically  The first half hour briefly describes our upcomingcombined nutritional and emotional well-being conference, starting  on November 12 in Ohio. (https://breggin.com/category/upcoming-events/).   Then I am joined by my guest Peter Gøtzsche, the marvelous, heroic Danish physician, and critic of psychiatry who will be speaking at the conference as well.  Today’s original show was planned for an hour with Dr. Gøtzsche but technical problems intervened, and I ended up spontaneously giving my first one-half hour talk on nutrition.  Changing how you eat can improve your health beyond expectations--and you can do it while buying relatively inexpensive foods from your grocery story without paying for a special diet or costly useless supplements.  


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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