Peter Gøtzsche, MD is among the bravest, most ethical and scientifically motivated doctors in the history of medicine and psychiatry.   As a result, he is now under attack by the organization he helped found, the Cochrane Collaboration, whose purpose in more honorable days was to raise published medical research to a higher ethical and scientific standard.

Peter Gøtzsche is too busy responding to the attack to come on my radio show this Wednesday October 3, 2018, so instead I am replaying his most recent radio interview with me on the Dr. Peter Breggin hour.   Ironically and prophetically, the show is about how psychiatry forcefully attacks its critics. 

Earth is a place in need of constant moral repair and this is nowhere truer than in medicine and psychiatry which has become a locus of too much undeserved wealth and power.  Peter has devoted himself to this task of repair and realizes, as others of us do, that there are deeply embedded reasons why reform is needed.  People fight to hold onto power and money, however corrupt its source. They act as if their lives depend on this corruption, when in fact their souls depend on higher ideals.  I hope Peter properly views every attack of him as a badge of honor that he receives for taking ethical and scientific stands—and for having a good effect on the world.  

The attack on Peter is generating international publicity and may ultimately advance medicine, science and humanity.  I will not sully these remarks in honor of Peter with the details of the assault.  They mean nothing, they prove nothing, they indicate nothing—other than that Peter Gøtzsche deserves to be honored and supported by all of us.  

I am proud to have given Peter the first Honored Blogger award for his outstanding contributions to this world we live in.   I am prouder to be his friend.  You can read his first two blogs on the Honored Blogger Series on the pages

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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