My guest is Dr. Jeanne Stolzer, professor of child development and a dear friend,  who has opened my eyes to new ideas since I first met her.  Our conversation epitomizes where my thinking is going—toward the integration of nutrition and relationship as the keys to human life, going back to the unborn child in its mother’s womb and then the nursing infant and mother.   From the start of life, relationship and nutrition are inextricable.   In earlier societies, relationship and nutrition were part of the culture in the form of eating together and religious rituals.   We will become a much more physically healthy and much saner society when we improve the lives of the fetus, infant, and young child through improved nutrition and intimate relationship consistent with ages of evolution and our biological nature.   It may require society providing economic support for mothers to stay home with their children in the early years.  As Jeanne’s research confirms, nursing and intimacy in infancy are not only good for child but also for the mother’s overall  physical and mental health.  How could it be otherwise?  It is how we survived and evolved; it is built into millions of years of biological and cultural evolution!  As my own recent changes in nutrition and progressively improving relationships confirm, the benefits of good nutrition and good relationships continue into our older years.   Please listen to this show and check out my upcoming conference with nutritionist Pam Popper in Columbus, Ohio November 10-11, 2017 (, Upcoming Events). 

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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