Journalist and educator Patrick Hahn joins me to share a theme that has increasingly drawn my attention—the industrialization of our lives from before birth to after death.    The Pharmaceutical Empire along with the medical/psychiatric industry thinks nothing of poisoning children in the womb with drugs that cross the placenta to harm fetal development and that after birth cross through the mother’s milk to keep the deadly process going.   The giant food industry pushes substitutes for mother’s milk and the intimacy of nursing, and then continues from childhood on selling poisonous, expensive foods to make our children obese and to send them as adults into chronic illness and early graves.   Patrick does a great job focusing on his special interest, the psychopharmaceutical industry; but we also look more broadly at how much our physical and mental lives are shaped by soulless profit-making industries in collaboration with big government.  

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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