On this remarkable radio/TV  presentation of the Dr. Peter Breggin Hour, I talk with  three outstanding Toronto activists and leaders in the antipsychiatry movement: psychologist Bonnie Burstow; psychiatrist Stephen Ticktin;  and activist Oriel Varga.  Much of our time emphasizes what they are doing in Canada and the world to stop psychiatric oppression—a goal which I wholly support.  Yet we somewhat disagree about the nature and aims of psychotherapy.  The disagreement pertains to whether individual freedom or the necessity of social change lies at the heart of living a good life.  For me, therapy should enable individuals to pursue their own personal goals in a satisfying manner and I seldom find that political activism is high on anyone's wish list.  For them, political activism is part of recovery.  An interesting discussion between well-meaning people who deeply respect and enjoy each other and yet who differ on an important aspect of what it means to live a good and satisfying life.

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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