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Today’s guest was Robert Foltz, PsyD, a psychologist in private practice and professor at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Bob and I describe the specifics of what’s needed to help children and families come back together to create responsible, respectful and loving relationships. The focus starts with the child and then encompasses the family. This hour is a must for parents, older children, teachers, therapists—anyone with a stake in improving the lives of children through their lives in the family. It's basic lessons in living can help adults, with or without children, to improve their relationships and their lives.

My guests are Tom and Diane Vande Burgt. If you want a vivid real-life introduction to what’s the matter with biological psychiatry and better alternatives, this is it. In the first half hour Tom describes what happened to him when he came back from Iraq with “PTSD” and was immediately put on four psychiatric drugs at once and thrust into a downhill course of medication spellbinding. In the second half hour, his wife Diane describes how she developed a family-oriented alternative called Lest We Forget, a PTSD support group. The show dramatizes what’s wrong and provides a model for what’s needed.

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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