My guests are Tom and Diane Vande Burgt. If you want a vivid real-life introduction to what’s the matter with biological psychiatry and better alternatives, this is it. In the first half hour Tom describes what happened to him when he came back from Iraq with “PTSD” and was immediately put on four psychiatric drugs at once and thrust into a downhill course of medication spellbinding. In the second half hour, his wife Diane describes how she developed a family-oriented alternative called Lest We Forget, a PTSD support group. The show dramatizes what’s wrong and provides a model for what’s needed.

Today’s guest was Robert Foltz, PsyD, a psychologist in private practice and professor at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Bob and I describe the specifics of what’s needed to help children and families come back together to create responsible, respectful and loving relationships. The focus starts with the child and then encompasses the family. This hour is a must for parents, older children, teachers, therapists—anyone with a stake in improving the lives of children through their lives in the family. It's basic lessons in living can help adults, with or without children, to improve their relationships and their lives.

If you want to be inspired to change your life into what you’ve always wanted or if you want your loved ones, friends and clients to find the courage to pursue their dreams, this is the place to start. If you want to turn your experiences of abuse and disappointment into the energy of your creativity, listen to this hour. I interview Pamela Glasner and we focus on how in her mid-fifties she transformed her life to become a novelist, screenwriter, and public speaker--and a woman of unanticipated courage and determination. Learn what it means to feel “the cosmic boot.”

My guest is Cris Rowan from British Columbia, the author of “The Virtual Child,” who calls herself “an impassioned occupational therapist.”  Cris helps parents to wean their children from addiction to technologies like TV, social networking, cell phone texting and videogames.  She believes that many childhood diagnoses in reality reflect a combination of addiction to technology and a corresponding lack of meaningful relationship and personal engagement in the family.  Cris’s observations will make you think more critically about childhood immersion in technology and how to overcome it.

Search the ends of the Earth for two of the world’s most caring, courageous, honest and intelligent psychiatrists, and you will find my two guests:  Doug Smith, MD from Juneau, Alaska, and Albert Fergusson, MD from Columbia, South America.  The show begins with Doug and I talking about the essence of good therapy and good personal relationships, and then about spirituality in therapy and life.  We are joined by Alberto who shares his view of the same common values.   All three of us treat patients who are labeled “schizophrenic” without medication, but with nuanced differences in our approaches.  You can also meet and hear both doctors at our Empathic Therapy Conference, April 8-10, 2011 in Syracuse, NY (

The healing properties of laughter! Today’s guest is Grace Sweet who teaches and practices Laughter Yoga. Do you believe that laughing about nothing can release your energies and give you a fresh spiritual start? Do you think it can become an integral part of legitimate therapeutic practices, including counseling? Do you think it has a scientific basis? Grace Sweet may make a believer out of you.

“Matt D” from “All Addicts Anonymous,” a residential community, is my guest as we delve into the meaning and value of 12-Step Programs.  Are they applicable to all of life’s problems?  Do psychiatric meds have any role?  Does empathic counseling contribute anything?  What can  everyone learn from AA principles and practices?  Can they help with psychiatric drug withdrawal?  You can also hear Matt D and dozens of other exciting presenters from around the world April 8-10 in Syracuse, NY at our Empathic Therapy Conference (

Today’s guest is Ronald W. Light, editor and author of The Risks of Prescription Drugs. Unless you are a world class expert on pharmaceutical companies, the FDA, and the drug approval process—this will be an incredibly enlightening hour. In fact, even the experts should learn from this analysis of medication risks associated with psychiatric and non-psychiatric drugs. Dr. Light will also join me in a special presentation at our upcoming Empathic Therapy Conference, April 8-10 in Syracuse New York (

Do you doubt that you or anyone else can recover from multiple psychiatric hospitalizations, shock treatment and twenty years of psychiatric drugs? Mary Maddock is the author of Soul Survivor: A Personal Encounter with Psychiatry and a leader in the Irish psychiatric reform movement. I first met Mary several years ago in Ireland at one of the largest psychiatric reform conferences that I've ever participated in. Mary's story of personal triumph will inspire you to seek your own self-directed, self-defined road to psychological and spiritual freedom. Meanwhile, sign up soon at for our April 8-10 Empathic Therapy Conference in Syracuse, NY.

Today’s guest is John Verapin, PhD, former Managing Director of Eli Lilly Sweden where in his words he “bribed” psychiatrists to get Prozac approved.  John has become a reformer and the author of Side-Effects: Death. Confessions of a Pharmaceutical Insider.  He and I share our wealth of experience examining the fraudulent and manipulative behavior of drug companies as well as our frightening personal and professional encounters with these powerful institutions.  To learn more about these issues, as well as many positive therapeutic alternatives to the Psychopharmaceutical Complex, come to our Empathic Therapy Conference April 8-10, 2011 in Syracuse.  Get the details at

Howard Glasser is not only a great guest--his goal is to bring out the greatness in you! Howie applies his Nurtured Heart Approach to helping individuals, training professionals, transforming schools and even enhancing communities. This hour with me and Howard could inspire and guide you to find a more positive approach toward everyone in your life, including yourself. It can help you muster from within yourself the power to be a more effective and loving husband or wife, parent, teacher, therapist or friend. Howard, along with at least two marvelous people he has trained, will be among the more than forty presenters at our upcoming Empathic Therapy Conference in Syracuse, New York, April 8-10. Find out about the conference at It is open to everyone!

My guest is Barbara Fisher, PhD, a wise and dedicated clinical psychologist and psychotherapist who offers innovative thoughts about how the brain and mind must recover together from emotional trauma and stress. This hour became an active sharing of ideas between the two of us, focused on common themes across seemingly diverse events such as healing the trauma being experienced by people in Japan, healing the trauma of children who witness these catastrophes on TV, and healing the stresses of growing up within a family. Our focus is on helping the individual through helping the family.

If you think psychotherapy is only for those with mild everyday problems, think again. This hour dives deeply into the essence of empathic therapy and finds that it the best therapeutic approach to anyone who suffers from emotional distress, including those with autism, psychosis and even serious traumatic brain injuries that render them nearly unable to communicate. My guest Richard Gottlieb, MSW, a therapist from Grand Rapids and Holland, Michigan, tells moving stories from his practice to show us how one human being can reach out to another in a healing manner. Along with dozens of others inspiring therapists and scientists, Richard will present at our upcoming Empathic Therapy Conference in Syracuse, New York, April 8-10, 2011. Get all the information you need about the conference Professionals and the public alike are welcome! See you there.

Fred Baughman, Jr. MD is a neurologist and one of the nation’s most heroic, honest and empathic physicians.  He discusses three urgent topics: (1) The ADHD/stimulant drug fraud that currently afflicts 6 million children, (2) Sudden cardiac death in children caused by taking stimulants for ADHD, and (3) Sudden cardiac death caused by multiple psychiatric drugs including antipsychotics and antidepressants in young soldiers diagnosed with PTSD.  This hour is packed with new and important information from a genuine scientific investigator.  Dr. Baughman, along with dozens of other outstanding presenters, can be heard and met at our upcoming Empathic Therapy Conference April 8-10, 2011 in Syracuse, New York.  For registration information, go to

My guest is addiction and trauma specialist, and best-selling author, Charles Whitfield, MD from Atlanta.  This is the second time this marvelous doctor has been my guest.  We describe how and why psychiatric drugs impede recovery from any kind of emotional or physical trauma, and how relationship ultimate heals.  Dr. Whitfield will be at our conference, just a few days away:  the first international Empathic Therapy Conference in Syracuse, New York, April 8-10, 2011.  You can learn all about it and still sign up at  We are aiming to make it the best conference in the field of mental health and recovery. 

What can you do as an individual to encourage empathic therapeutic approaches and relationships, while warning people about the dangers of psychiatric drugs and diagnoses?  Listen to my guest Dorothy Cassidy, MEd from North Carolina.  She has worked within the educational system, and outside the system as well, for more than thirty-six years promoting what's really good for children and adults while speaking out courageously about the harm caused by psychiatric drugs and diagnoses.  Be inspired!

My guest, Major Maria Kimble, LCSW, opens up a world that few of us in the field of mental health can imagine.  Learn what it's like doing psychotherapy in intensive combat zones under fire in outposts in Afghanistan.  Hear why she became a parachutist in order to bring out the best in herself as a therapist in the 82nd Airborne Division. Find out what it's like to be what she calls "a petite woman" in the army and in combat.  Learn, once again, how empathic therapy is the best therapy under any and all conditions.  Major Kimble is an inspiring combination of wisdom, care and courage. 

I present the hazards of so-called antipsychotic drugs including Zyprexa, Risperdal, Abilify, Seroquel, Geodon and Invega. Learn about their disastrous and even fatal effects, and their lack of efficacy.  Learn about tardive dyskinesia, neuroleptic malignant syndrome, and the metabolic syndrome.  And discover that there are far better empathic approaches to helping people who are deeply disturbed and labeled schizophrenic.  Also a warning:  Withdrawing from these drugs can be dangerous as well, and requires caution and good clinical supervision.  This hour could save your life and the lives of your patients or clients.  

This show starts on deep into spirituality as my guest Barbara Whitfield with elegant passion describes her near death experience. Then the hour goes yet deeper when we both speak honestly about love and God in our marriages. Listeners have said they want to hear more about my views. In this show, I am very open about the importance of love, God and my marriage to Ginger. Join me and Barbara as we share with each other and with you about the making of a good life. 

Bob Brewin, investigative reporter, provides the data and I provide the outrage and the analysis on the extraordinarily abusive psychiatric drug practices involving our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as afterward in the VA.  The drug companies found the ideal top-down market for their drugs: Get the army to give them to active duty combat soldiers--a mind-boggling 20% of them.  Unsupervised young men and women carry into combat 90-120 day supplies of all the most dangerous drugs: benzos like Xanax, stimulants like amphetamine; antidepressants like Paxil and Prozac; and antipsychotic drugs like the old Trilafon and the new Seroquel.  Hear an in depth expose and examination of the Psychopharmaceutical Complex at its worst and the irresponsible psychiatrists who so eagerly enforce it.  A tour de force of psychiatry at its worst. 

If all of psychiatry's false and damaging assumptions about "schizophrenic" homeless people are discarded and a fresh start is made, what do you get? One of the most innovative programs in the history of our field! My guest is psychiatrist Alberto Fergusson from Columbia, South America, and his program or movement is called Accompanied Self-Rehabilitation. This hour is a major educational experience for anyone interested in offering genuine help to all people who are struggling with their lives.

Descend into mental health hell with me and my companion psychologist Ty Colbert, PhD as he works under surrealistic conditions with violent and seemingly deranged prisoners locked in cages and wearing plexiglass masks for their therapy hour.  This is empathic therapy at its most challenging--and potentially at its most rewarding.

My guest Jon Rappoport and I start out talking about how psychiatric diagnoses and drugs suppress human beings, and then we look deeper into what’s essentially good and important about all of us—our spiritual nature, individuality, imagination, free will and personal freedom. These are not existential abstractions; they are the essential stuff of our lives, to be protected, nurtured and shared with others. 

My guest is Dr. Gerald Porter, Dean of the School of Natural Arts and Sciences at the renowned Bastyr University. Dr. Porter is one of the most thoughtful persons I know. Join the two of us as we talk about "what helps us to heal ourselves and others," "embracing human spiritual diversity," and encouraging alternative or complementary health practices. As these radio discussions often do, we move easily from the theoretical to the practical in regard to living life to the fullest.

If you come upon the unconscious victim of a car wreck who suddenly awakens in a panic, what should you do? If you're sitting beside a loved one or patient coming out of anesthesia and he or she becomes violent... or if your friend, parishioner or patient threatens suicide... how should you respond? What can any of us do if someone we care about starts acting very disturbed or "crazy" in our presence? My guest Doug Bower is well-qualified to talk about this with me. He's a PhD counselor, an ordained Methodist minister and a registered nurse. We focus on how to handle emergencies without resort to psychiatric drugs.

Practical, straightforward advice on how to raise peaceful and respectful children with my very experienced and clear-thinking guest, Gary Unruh, LCSW. Any parent, as well as anyone who relates to or works with children, may benefit from this lively and passionate discussion.

Imagine that your life becomes so desperate that NYC doctors try to push you into a lobotomy. Imagine that you finally meet a therapist who confronts you with personal responsibility, that you get it, and that you go on to graduate school to become a self-determined and enlightened psychotherapist. That's Dr. Faye Snyder's story, and her honesty on my show influenced me to talk about my own childhood in a way I've never done before in public.

Could Paxil drive a young college student to commit 9 bizarre armed robberies—at local stores where people knew him and his family?

Could 8 years in jail become an equally astonishing period of personal growth?

I first met Kevin McShane as an expert in his criminal case and now he’s been out of jail for four months. It’s his first appearance as a psychiatric reformer.

You will never forget what Kevin has to teach us.

A psychiatrist convinces you to put your marvelously intelligent, delightful, artistic and athletic 11-year-old child on Zoloft to treat her test anxiety. In less than a year, she dies by suicide. Mathy Downing tells the unforgettable story of the death of her daughter, Candace. I provide commentary about antidepressants and about the Downing's malpractice case in which I was a medical expert. Play this hour for anyone who thinks that antidepressants are good for children.

How do we live successfully in "This catastrophe called life?" Drawing inspiration from existential psychiatrist Viktor Frankl, as well as his own Greek background, Alex Pattakos PhD helps us struggle and triumph by finding meaning in life.

Today's show focuses on the most disturbing and enlightening events in the sordid history of psychiatry. Experts at the Nuremberg Trials agree with my conclusion that the Jewish Holocaust might never have occurred without German biological psychiatry blazing the way with the systematic murder of mental patients. With American and European complicity, German psychiatry developed the precedent and methodology for mass murder using "Euthanasia" Centers, gas chambers and cremation. Germany biological psychiatry showed Hitler how the unthinkable could be done without anyone in the Western world protesting. What are the implications for modern biological psychiatry? When you've listened, to read my scientific article with all the citations and documentation, please click here:

My guest Dr.Bonnie Burstow is a dedicated lifelong Canadian activist in the psychiatric reform movement. She is taking the campaign against electroshock "treatment" (ECT) to a new level--organizing professionals to stand up against this brain-damaging procedure. Dr. Burstow and I discuss ECT, including what the existence of this barbaric "therapy" says about psychiatry as an institution.

A first in history! Listen to two very experienced psychiatrists spend a whole hour talking about how dangerous it is to take psychiatric drugs and how hazardous it can be to withdraw from them. My guest is psychiatrist Stuart Shipko, MD from Pasadena, California. My wife Ginger calls this show "spectacular."

Josette Luvmour, PhD and I talk about the developmental stages from infancy to young adulthood and how issues such as boundaries and discipline change from stage to stage. Full of practical guidance for raising and relating to children and youth without resort to psychiatric diagnoses or drugs.

Whether you are a therapist, a client, or a person outside the mental health system--my guest Gayle Rozantine, PhD is worth your time and attention. Gayle and her husband Barry, a psychiatrist, run a stress management and therapy center in Savannah, Georgia. Her compassionate, carefully thought out approach to understanding and handling stress, as well as underlying psychological issues, is inspiring. You will benefit from this hour.

My guest, Allison Wilder PhD, is a professor of recreational therapy. Does that sound fluffy to you? Not so. Dr. Wilder's approach epitomizes what's good in any and all therapeutic approaches. Learn about this new field--and the essence of all good human services.

Imagine that your former husband so desperately wants to kill you, and to get away with it, that he acts like a terrorist. Shooting from long range, he kills nearly a dozen people during October 2002 to distract attention from himself as a suspect when he kills you in the same way. The infamous “DC Sniper” turns out to be your ex-husband with you at the center of his horrific plot. You must find the strength, determination and wisdom to lift yourself up for the sake of your three children. This is Mildred Muhammad's story--one of the most interesting and inspiring you will ever hear.

My guest Gwen Olsen, author of “Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher,” will shock and inform you with her brutally honest and yet sensitive and poignant insider revelations. Discovering drug company duplicity is a specialty of mine, but Gwen’s stories touched and educated me.

Iris Chang, the courageous author of The Rape of Nanking, faced some of the worst atrocities of the 20th Century, broke down from exhaustion, was given psychiatric drugs, including an SSRI, and committed suicide. In this surpringly uplifting hour, her mother, Ying Ying Chang, celebrates her daughter’s life and examines the role of psychiatric drugs in her death. An empathic therapy intervention could have save Iris Chang's life. At the start, I also describe a major legal decision in which a Canadian judge has concluded, based on my testimony, that Prozac caused a sixteen-year-old to murder his friend.

Further reading found here.

Two new legal cases provide encouraging news for psychiatric reform and patient care.  In one case a Manitoba judge has rendered an opinion confirming my testimony and my written report to the court that Prozac drove a sixteen-year-old boy to stab a friend to death. That's the first time a judge in North America has determined that an antidepressant caused a murder.  In a New Mexico case in which I consulted, a jury has awarded a $3.2 million malpractice verdict in a Paxil suicide.  I devote this radio hour to discussing these and other cases, and describe how antidepressants and other psychoactive drugs can cause people to act in bizarre, out-of-character and destructive ways.

My guest Jacob Azerrad, PhD offers behavioral therapy with limited punishments (time outs) and “nurturing with their love sibling caring behavior, Mother Teresa behavior and, taking disappointment calmly behavior. “  I believe in a more fundamental bonding based on unconditional love while teaching discipline through moral authority.  A challenging, stimulating show.

You’re five years old, your mother dies, and you and your siblings are scattered into the Foster Care System of New York City. My guest Dr. Nathaniel J. Williams tells us how to make the best possible life--regardless of how our lives got started.

Is what I've been teaching about emotional suffering also true about chronic physical pain?  Do chronic pain patients need help withdrawing from pain meds and facing emotional issues? My guest Ross Halpern, PhD offers breakthrough insights and solutions that really work.

The best discussion ever about ADHD, psychiatric drugs, and what children really need.  My guest Martin Whitely has made Western Australia the only place on Earth where fewer children each year are diagnosed and drugged. He shares the latest worldwide information. Please listen and pass it on.

My marvelous guest Dr. Tim Scott is a former minister, a psychotherapist, a retired professor of psychology, an entrepreneur, scientist, author of a very solid scientific critique of psychiatric drugs, and a man who believes that values derive from God and should be a part of therapy and a purposeful life. He will challenge some, inspire others, and interest everyone.

Guest: Sarton Weinraub

Are you a victim of medical authoritarianism?  My guest is Manhattan clinical psychologist Sarton Weinraub.  He describes how he empowers patients to take control over their lives and their medical care, including how to manage their withdrawal from psychiatric medication. Empowering to clients and professionals alike.

Today was my first “Open Mic Monday.” A great success, I look forward to taking your calls the first Monday of every month. Put it in your calendar. In addition to important questions, callers shared inspiring stories of personal recovery after stopping psychiatry drugs including one mother who successfully tapered her 9 year old from multiple medications.

It’s the day after Christmas and the New Year is upon us.  My guest Dr. Gerald Porter and I discuss how to move our lives forward in in the coming New Year.  Become the open-hearted, loving and yet strong person you’ve always wanted to be.  It works!   Then call in with your questions and thoughts on “First Monday Open Microphone with Dr. Peter Breggin” at 5 pm on Monday, January 2, 2012.

Are you a victim of medical authoritarianism?  My guest is New York City clinical psychologist Sarton Weinraub.  Learn how Sarton empowers patients to take control over their lives and their medical care, including how to manage their withdrawal from psychiatric medication. His views and his work empowers clients and professionals, and everyone concerned about improving therapy and methods of drug withdrawal.

Guest: Dr. Bart Billings, PhD

My guest is Bart Billings, PhD.  I call him “The Conscience of Military Psychology and Psychiatry.”  Learn how psychiatric drugs are inundating the military with soldiers on dangerous missions overdosed on meds. Bart describes approaches that really help soldiers before and after combat to deal with their normal and inevitable reactions to wartime trauma.

What's it like for you as a teenager confined to a residential treatment center?  What have you been through? What do you feel about your family? Your therapist?  The drugs you are forced to take?  My guest, Robert Foltz PsyD from Chicago, really cares about what these youngsters have to say.  You will learn from Robert's experience and wisdom.

Callers from across the country stimulate interesting conversation about psychiatric drug withdrawal, handling anxiety, and the merits (or not) of Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP) and EMDR, not to mention tumeric. We can talk together, you and me, every first Monday of the month.  Next it's Monday, March 5, at 5 pm @ 888 874 4888.

My guest is Alison Bass, author of Side Effects, and a genuine investigative journalist.  A very informed discussion of what I call the Psychopharmaceutical Complex.   Hear how bad it is, and some differing possible solutions offered by me and Alison.  Many  new information and insights into the rigging of psychopharmaceutical research and marketing.

An amazing man, an amazing hour!  Derek W. Clark, author of I Will Never Give Up!, endured horrendous child abuse and devastating losses, and turned his life into a triumph of personal success.  An education in "How to Live Life."

Today's show is "First Monday of the Month Open Mike," when I focus on callers.  I chat with a man whose "manic episodes" inspire him to deeper understandings, and with a woman whose five year old son was badly damaged by antipsychotic drugs. My friend Doug Bower describes last weekend's Person-Centered Conference in Georgia and I describe a marvelous Adlerian Conference I attended in Florida. Moving and informative discussions.

My guest Michael Cornwall PhD explores how to help people labeled schizophrenic with empathy and without resort to drugs. Michael has vast personal experience and profound understanding. A “must listen to” show for anyone concerned about madness, its nature, and its healing.

So you think you can’t make a difference? My guest Orly Wahba is a young teacher who made a YouTube video seen by 5 million people. Learn how she’s spreading kindness and empowering people through her organization “Life Vest Inside.”

My guest Tom Garcia and I range over a variety of interesting topics from Aldlerian psychology to the treatment of addiction.  The theme: emotional distress arises from our failures to develop fulfilling human relationships.

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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