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“Matt D” from “All Addicts Anonymous,” a residential community, is my guest as we delve into the meaning and value of 12-Step Programs.  Are they applicable to all of life’s problems?  Do psychiatric meds have any role?  Does empathic counseling contribute anything?  What can  everyone learn from AA principles and practices?  Can they help with psychiatric drug withdrawal?  You can also hear Matt D and dozens of other exciting presenters from around the world April 8-10 in Syracuse, NY at our Empathic Therapy Conference (

The healing properties of laughter! Today’s guest is Grace Sweet who teaches and practices Laughter Yoga. Do you believe that laughing about nothing can release your energies and give you a fresh spiritual start? Do you think it can become an integral part of legitimate therapeutic practices, including counseling? Do you think it has a scientific basis? Grace Sweet may make a believer out of you.

Search the ends of the Earth for two of the world’s most caring, courageous, honest and intelligent psychiatrists, and you will find my two guests:  Doug Smith, MD from Juneau, Alaska, and Albert Fergusson, MD from Columbia, South America.  The show begins with Doug and I talking about the essence of good therapy and good personal relationships, and then about spirituality in therapy and life.  We are joined by Alberto who shares his view of the same common values.   All three of us treat patients who are labeled “schizophrenic” without medication, but with nuanced differences in our approaches.  You can also meet and hear both doctors at our Empathic Therapy Conference, April 8-10, 2011 in Syracuse, NY (

My guest is Cris Rowan from British Columbia, the author of “The Virtual Child,” who calls herself “an impassioned occupational therapist.”  Cris helps parents to wean their children from addiction to technologies like TV, social networking, cell phone texting and videogames.  She believes that many childhood diagnoses in reality reflect a combination of addiction to technology and a corresponding lack of meaningful relationship and personal engagement in the family.  Cris’s observations will make you think more critically about childhood immersion in technology and how to overcome it.

If you want to be inspired to change your life into what you’ve always wanted or if you want your loved ones, friends and clients to find the courage to pursue their dreams, this is the place to start. If you want to turn your experiences of abuse and disappointment into the energy of your creativity, listen to this hour. I interview Pamela Glasner and we focus on how in her mid-fifties she transformed her life to become a novelist, screenwriter, and public speaker--and a woman of unanticipated courage and determination. Learn what it means to feel “the cosmic boot.”

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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