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Fred Baughman, Jr. MD is a neurologist and one of the nation’s most heroic, honest and empathic physicians.  He discusses three urgent topics: (1) The ADHD/stimulant drug fraud that currently afflicts 6 million children, (2) Sudden cardiac death in children caused by taking stimulants for ADHD, and (3) Sudden cardiac death caused by multiple psychiatric drugs including antipsychotics and antidepressants in young soldiers diagnosed with PTSD.  This hour is packed with new and important information from a genuine scientific investigator.  Dr. Baughman, along with dozens of other outstanding presenters, can be heard and met at our upcoming Empathic Therapy Conference April 8-10, 2011 in Syracuse, New York.  For registration information, go to

If you think psychotherapy is only for those with mild everyday problems, think again. This hour dives deeply into the essence of empathic therapy and finds that it the best therapeutic approach to anyone who suffers from emotional distress, including those with autism, psychosis and even serious traumatic brain injuries that render them nearly unable to communicate. My guest Richard Gottlieb, MSW, a therapist from Grand Rapids and Holland, Michigan, tells moving stories from his practice to show us how one human being can reach out to another in a healing manner. Along with dozens of others inspiring therapists and scientists, Richard will present at our upcoming Empathic Therapy Conference in Syracuse, New York, April 8-10, 2011. Get all the information you need about the conference Professionals and the public alike are welcome! See you there.

My guest is Barbara Fisher, PhD, a wise and dedicated clinical psychologist and psychotherapist who offers innovative thoughts about how the brain and mind must recover together from emotional trauma and stress. This hour became an active sharing of ideas between the two of us, focused on common themes across seemingly diverse events such as healing the trauma being experienced by people in Japan, healing the trauma of children who witness these catastrophes on TV, and healing the stresses of growing up within a family. Our focus is on helping the individual through helping the family.

Howard Glasser is not only a great guest--his goal is to bring out the greatness in you! Howie applies his Nurtured Heart Approach to helping individuals, training professionals, transforming schools and even enhancing communities. This hour with me and Howard could inspire and guide you to find a more positive approach toward everyone in your life, including yourself. It can help you muster from within yourself the power to be a more effective and loving husband or wife, parent, teacher, therapist or friend. Howard, along with at least two marvelous people he has trained, will be among the more than forty presenters at our upcoming Empathic Therapy Conference in Syracuse, New York, April 8-10. Find out about the conference at It is open to everyone!

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