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Josette Luvmour, PhD and I talk about the developmental stages from infancy to young adulthood and how issues such as boundaries and discipline change from stage to stage. Full of practical guidance for raising and relating to children and youth without resort to psychiatric diagnoses or drugs.

A first in history! Listen to two very experienced psychiatrists spend a whole hour talking about how dangerous it is to take psychiatric drugs and how hazardous it can be to withdraw from them. My guest is psychiatrist Stuart Shipko, MD from Pasadena, California. My wife Ginger calls this show "spectacular."

My guest Dr.Bonnie Burstow is a dedicated lifelong Canadian activist in the psychiatric reform movement. She is taking the campaign against electroshock "treatment" (ECT) to a new level--organizing professionals to stand up against this brain-damaging procedure. Dr. Burstow and I discuss ECT, including what the existence of this barbaric "therapy" says about psychiatry as an institution.

Today's show focuses on the most disturbing and enlightening events in the sordid history of psychiatry. Experts at the Nuremberg Trials agree with my conclusion that the Jewish Holocaust might never have occurred without German biological psychiatry blazing the way with the systematic murder of mental patients. With American and European complicity, German psychiatry developed the precedent and methodology for mass murder using "Euthanasia" Centers, gas chambers and cremation. Germany biological psychiatry showed Hitler how the unthinkable could be done without anyone in the Western world protesting. What are the implications for modern biological psychiatry? When you've listened, to read my scientific article with all the citations and documentation, please click here:

How do we live successfully in "This catastrophe called life?" Drawing inspiration from existential psychiatrist Viktor Frankl, as well as his own Greek background, Alex Pattakos PhD helps us struggle and triumph by finding meaning in life.

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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