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My guest Gwen Olsen, author of “Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher,” will shock and inform you with her brutally honest and yet sensitive and poignant insider revelations. Discovering drug company duplicity is a specialty of mine, but Gwen’s stories touched and educated me.

Imagine that your former husband so desperately wants to kill you, and to get away with it, that he acts like a terrorist. Shooting from long range, he kills nearly a dozen people during October 2002 to distract attention from himself as a suspect when he kills you in the same way. The infamous “DC Sniper” turns out to be your ex-husband with you at the center of his horrific plot. You must find the strength, determination and wisdom to lift yourself up for the sake of your three children. This is Mildred Muhammad's story--one of the most interesting and inspiring you will ever hear.

My guest, Allison Wilder PhD, is a professor of recreational therapy. Does that sound fluffy to you? Not so. Dr. Wilder's approach epitomizes what's good in any and all therapeutic approaches. Learn about this new field--and the essence of all good human services.

Whether you are a therapist, a client, or a person outside the mental health system--my guest Gayle Rozantine, PhD is worth your time and attention. Gayle and her husband Barry, a psychiatrist, run a stress management and therapy center in Savannah, Georgia. Her compassionate, carefully thought out approach to understanding and handling stress, as well as underlying psychological issues, is inspiring. You will benefit from this hour.

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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