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Is what I've been teaching about emotional suffering also true about chronic physical pain?  Do chronic pain patients need help withdrawing from pain meds and facing emotional issues? My guest Ross Halpern, PhD offers breakthrough insights and solutions that really work.

You’re five years old, your mother dies, and you and your siblings are scattered into the Foster Care System of New York City. My guest Dr. Nathaniel J. Williams tells us how to make the best possible life--regardless of how our lives got started.

My guest Jacob Azerrad, PhD offers behavioral therapy with limited punishments (time outs) and “nurturing with their love sibling caring behavior, Mother Teresa behavior and, taking disappointment calmly behavior. “  I believe in a more fundamental bonding based on unconditional love while teaching discipline through moral authority.  A challenging, stimulating show.

Two new legal cases provide encouraging news for psychiatric reform and patient care.  In one case a Manitoba judge has rendered an opinion confirming my testimony and my written report to the court that Prozac drove a sixteen-year-old boy to stab a friend to death. That's the first time a judge in North America has determined that an antidepressant caused a murder.  In a New Mexico case in which I consulted, a jury has awarded a $3.2 million malpractice verdict in a Paxil suicide.  I devote this radio hour to discussing these and other cases, and describe how antidepressants and other psychoactive drugs can cause people to act in bizarre, out-of-character and destructive ways.

Iris Chang, the courageous author of The Rape of Nanking, faced some of the worst atrocities of the 20th Century, broke down from exhaustion, was given psychiatric drugs, including an SSRI, and committed suicide. In this surpringly uplifting hour, her mother, Ying Ying Chang, celebrates her daughter’s life and examines the role of psychiatric drugs in her death. An empathic therapy intervention could have save Iris Chang's life. At the start, I also describe a major legal decision in which a Canadian judge has concluded, based on my testimony, that Prozac caused a sixteen-year-old to murder his friend.

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