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Guest: Sarton Weinraub

Are you a victim of medical authoritarianism?  My guest is Manhattan clinical psychologist Sarton Weinraub.  He describes how he empowers patients to take control over their lives and their medical care, including how to manage their withdrawal from psychiatric medication. Empowering to clients and professionals alike.

My marvelous guest Dr. Tim Scott is a former minister, a psychotherapist, a retired professor of psychology, an entrepreneur, scientist, author of a very solid scientific critique of psychiatric drugs, and a man who believes that values derive from God and should be a part of therapy and a purposeful life. He will challenge some, inspire others, and interest everyone.

The best discussion ever about ADHD, psychiatric drugs, and what children really need.  My guest Martin Whitely has made Western Australia the only place on Earth where fewer children each year are diagnosed and drugged. He shares the latest worldwide information. Please listen and pass it on.

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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