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It’s the day after Christmas and the New Year is upon us.  My guest Dr. Gerald Porter and I discuss how to move our lives forward in in the coming New Year.  Become the open-hearted, loving and yet strong person you’ve always wanted to be.  It works!   Then call in with your questions and thoughts on “First Monday Open Microphone with Dr. Peter Breggin” at 5 pm on Monday, January 2, 2012.

Are you a victim of medical authoritarianism?  My guest is New York City clinical psychologist Sarton Weinraub.  Learn how Sarton empowers patients to take control over their lives and their medical care, including how to manage their withdrawal from psychiatric medication. His views and his work empowers clients and professionals, and everyone concerned about improving therapy and methods of drug withdrawal.

Today was my first “Open Mic Monday.” A great success, I look forward to taking your calls the first Monday of every month. Put it in your calendar. In addition to important questions, callers shared inspiring stories of personal recovery after stopping psychiatry drugs including one mother who successfully tapered her 9 year old from multiple medications.

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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