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Good stuff to listen to. My guest Tim Evans is an Adlerian psychologist.  Reading Adler helped me understand empathic relationships in therapy and in life.  Talking with Tim is very grounding and positive.  Join us.

Maybe the best discussion ever about overcoming depression without resort to drugs.  My guest Dr. John Snyder is a therapist and author with a marvelous approach to depression.

Please listen to this show and learn about empathic peer support, a nonprofessional approach that steps wholly outside the psychiatric model, and delivers a caring human service to people in need.  My guest, Australian psychologist Tony Gee, will explain how to do it.  Then implement it in your own community and help to change the world.

Today's show is "First Monday of the Month Open Mike," when I focus on callers.  I chat with a man whose "manic episodes" inspire him to deeper understandings, and with a woman whose five year old son was badly damaged by antipsychotic drugs. My friend Doug Bower describes last weekend's Person-Centered Conference in Georgia and I describe a marvelous Adlerian Conference I attended in Florida. Moving and informative discussions.

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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