Two Doctors of Conscience on COVID-19, the Future of Healthcare and Facing the Pandemic 


In the earliest days of March 2020, a small group of physicians who knew each other began talking together about the symptoms of COVID-19.  South Korean, Italian and the U.S. doctors who corresponded agreed there were inflammatory components and came up with a plan on how to address the symptoms of the new disease.   

Physician Richard Urso shares his experiences as a doctor of conscience, working to help sick individuals who are scared and whose symptoms are ignored by their health care providers during the COVID-19 pandemic.  As with many of the COVID-19 doctors he shares how his life has shifted and what he is doing in this new post-COVID world.   

Richard Urso is a medical doctor and scientist who graduated AOA with highest Honors from the University of Texas, School of Medicine. He is the sole inventor of an FDA approved wound healing drug. He’s the former Chief of Orbital Oncology at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. He’s been involved in Covid-19 since March 2020 discussing pandemic response and he has treated over 1800 COVID patients. He’s been in the White House, in Congress and the US Senate and numerous state legislatures. He’s worked with members of the FDA, the CDC and the NIH. He’s a cofounder of the Global Covid Summit and the International Alliance of Physicians and Scientists. 

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