Life Inside Trump's White House Coronavirus Task Force

Paul Alexander PhD is an amazing man. Born in Trinidad, trained at Oxford, Johns Hopkins, and McMasters University, his specialty is the critical analysis of science.  He currently resides in the United States, which is a gift to us.  He was on the staff of WHO and then became a member of President Trump’s White House Coronavirus Task Force—and provides us a rare insider look at its domination by Fauci and Birx. There was shocking opposition from the bureaucracy that was supposed to be supporting the efforts of President Trump. Dr. Alexander thoughtfully explains the difficulties face by Trump supporters like himself in a Trump administration that was overrun by enemies. Dr. Alexander’s personal testimony confirms the abuse heaped upon good people who try to help in the den of corruption that our government has become. He also describes the disastrous activities of the CDC and other agencies.  You will leave this interview with new insights into the vaccine abuse of America and its children, and the ineptness and malice of our deeply embedded government bureaucrats.  I encourage you to explore the toughest challenges with this honorable, soft-spoken, truth-speaking scientist.  

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