Renowned COVID Treating Physician Peter McCullough MD Exposes Dangers and Deaths Following COVID Vaccines   


“As a practicing physician and cardiologist…we are getting disturbing reports” from all sectors that multiple disease categories are on the way up, not on the way down.  Most disturbing among them is ‘all cause mortality’—skyrocketing from 2020 to 2021. Leading cause of death of these new deaths is unknown, not listed.  With this introduction Peter McCullough MD updates us all on the horrifying fallout from the COVID vaccines. 


When someone passed away prior to COVID-19, there would typically be a description and explanation for the deaths.  40% due to heart disease, 40% is due to cancer and 20% were due to other causes.  Now in some regions there are reports of deaths from unknown causes.   


Dr. Peter McCullough MD explains the changes and increases in deaths since the advent of COVID-19 and describes the vaccine and the spike protein in detail and the diseases they can cause.  One of the most powerful hours on Refounding America, with host Peter R. Breggin MD. 

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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