Toxicity of the COVID Experimental Shots
James Thorp MD is Board Certified in Ob/Gyn and in Maternal Fetal Medicine. He has produced in-depth scientific reports on the toxicity of the COVID experimental shots as well as the ill-gained profits and deep analysis of the toxicity of shots. 
In this interview with Dr. Breggin, he presents a PowerPoint analysis of the harm to the ovaries of women and their devastating effects on fertility and the health and life of the unborn child. He also describes the data on fetal abnormalities and death that Pfizer tried to hide by asking a court to seal their data for seventy-five years.  
This hour addresses problems that can afflict humanity for future generations and the necessity of stopping COVID-19 GMO "vaccines."  This is high-level, reliable science presented by Dr. Thorp calmly but with grave concern for suffering that continues to be inflicted on us by the global predators, including the drug companies, FDA, NIAID, and CDC. 

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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