Mass Hypnosis is a Dangerous Misdirection

Mass Formation and Mass Hypnosis have become buzz words.  They are the creation of a European psychoanalytic therapist Mattias Desmet. Now his book has come out and exposes that he literally and definitively believes that COVID-19 totalitarianism (which he acknowledges) arises not from violent evil leaders (the global predators) but from the people themselves whose emotional needs create the dictator.  

Consistent with this,  leaders are not to blame for the suffering under COVID policies. The people are to blame and need to have better attitudes.  Furthermore, there are no conspiracies behind COVID-19 (or Nazi Germany and Hitler, for that matter) and those who believe there are conspiracies behind COVID-19 are intensely driven by anxiety and their own psychological needs to imagine a “simple” solution.  

As grim as this discussion may sound, the interaction between me and my marvelously well-informed guest, J. D. Rucker, is so entertaining that you will really enjoy the show.  Read the Breggins' three part series critical of mass form

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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