The Moral and Political Corruption of Our Children Begins with Books Read to Them in Pre-School  

Deborah DeGroff describes how thousands of books for preschoolers through young adults are crammed with extremist ideas on sex, gender, violence, and progressive/Marist politics. Children are taught they are personally responsible for all the injustice in the world, from climate change to racism, making them into depressed, easy targets for extreme leftwing politics as they grow up.  They are taught about becoming activists and, yes, bringing lawsuits, hearing the words activist and lawsuit for the first time in their very young lives.  They are taught to hate police officers and to love despicable politicians. These tactics fill children with guilt, shame and anxiety, and also hate, and should be considered severe  child abuse. This interview was an eyeopener for me and I urge anyone concerned about the deterioration of our society and the abuse of our children in libraries, schools and homes to learn some of the ugly details about the contents of these books and the their language.  Deborah DeGroff is a genuine hero whom the world needs to hear!  Listen and spread the word about what she is teaching us.  I was enlightened—you will be, too.  And if you cannot find the right project to devote yourself to, this might be one the one—protecting our children from child abuse through children’s books.    

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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