One of my most inspiring shows!  On this Valentine’s Day, I share thoughts about love with my dear friend, Dr. Adrianne Johnson--love in marriage and in every other aspect of life including therapy and the workplace.  And we disclose a lot about ourselves along the way.  What is love?  Is there love at first sight?  How to heal a broken marriage or friendship?  The difference between love and relationship?  How to overcome extreme loneliness?  Steps to take to find other people to love? We move back and forth between inspiring ideals and the details and practicalities of maintaining and growing a loving relationship.  And the first time ever, my wife Ginger surprises me by calling into the radio show to join us on the air.  I’ve always wanted her to do so, and now she does it as present to me on Valentine’s Day.  It's a show about happiness and how to achieve it.   You can meet Adrianne, along with Ginger, at our upcoming Empathic Therapy conference (, April 8-10 in Syracuse.

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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