Pastor Craig Hagin is our guest this week. He is a pandemic hero who stood up under grave pressure during the lockdowns, including being: 


  • 1st pastor to say “Yes!” to hosting Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Conference 
  • A pastor and COO saying “No” to closing for any pandemic restrictions 
  • Fresh, practical approach to sharing biblical principles 
  • Host of his own weekly podcast 
  • Author of several books (Bestseller: Don’t Be Stupid – A look at the prodigal son, his father, & getting out of the pigpen we sometimes find ourselves in) 

    Pastor Hagin shares how people can be free from pandemic restrictions, how they can fight back on government overreach, how they can be free from fear of messing up in life, and how they can be free to develop their own relationship with a loving, heavenly Father. 

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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