Dr. Zev Zelenko: A Hebrew Prophet in Our Time 


Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko, MD is a heroic figure on the level of the Hebrew prophets. Dr. Zelenko saved and continues to save millions of lives by discovering and promoting the safe and effective treatment of COVID-19 with hydroxychloroquine in combination with other medications and nutraceuticals.  Beyond that, he continues to show us how faith in God can help us, even at death’s door and even when, as prophets always do, he has faced censorship and even worse rejections for speaking truth to power.  Like a Biblical prophet, his words are so powerful that he managed to be heard by the highest powers in the kingdom, in this case President Trump's inner circle. They accepted Dr. Zelenko's message on the importance of early treatment and Trump listened and for a while advocated for it, even announcing he was taking hydroxychloroquine for the prevention of COVID-19.  But, as always happens in the Bible, the Secular Powers lacked the strength to live by the prophetic truths and under political pressure President Trump withdrew his support from early treatment and hydroxychloroquine. I cannot exaggerate the remarkable combination of scientific and spiritual inspiration that Dr. Zelenko brings to us.  I wish everyone on Earth could hear the words of Zev Zelenko and deeply consider them.  

The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
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