Dr. Zev Zelenko’s Stunning Interview 
Refounding America ~ Reclaiming Ourselves TV Episode # 2
On the Dr. Peter Breggin Hour
I compare Dr. Zev Zelenko to two other legendary heroes, the Hebrew prophet Jeremiah and the future King David taking on Goliath. In this, our most recent and second episode of “ReFounding America,” Dr. Zelenko is amazingly informative and inspiring in describing how he helped to save millions of lives by developing one of the first published protocols for the early, highly successful home-based treatment for COVID-19, using hydroxychloroquine. Dr. Zelenko describes how President Trump saw his video and began promoting and using hydroxychloroquine, only to be dissuaded by the ferocious vaccine lobby which sought to suppress all treatments, perpetrating mass murder in order to promote vaccines. Dr. Zelenko shared with us his fight against a deadly cancer and violent attacks on his professional identity by an establishment bent of pushing vaccines regardless of the cost to humanity. He further shares with us how to live a happy, full and successful life despite facing a terminal illness and vilification by the global predators. He brings renewed inspiration to all of our efforts to fight for the ReFounding of America.
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