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Today’s guest is John Verapin, PhD, former Managing Director of Eli Lilly Sweden where in his words he “bribed” psychiatrists to get Prozac approved.  John has become a reformer and the author of Side-Effects: Death. Confessions of a Pharmaceutical Insider.  He and I share our wealth of experience examining the fraudulent and manipulative behavior of drug companies as well as our frightening personal and professional encounters with these powerful institutions.  To learn more about these issues, as well as many positive therapeutic alternatives to the Psychopharmaceutical Complex, come to our Empathic Therapy Conference April 8-10, 2011 in Syracuse.  Get the details at

Do you doubt that you or anyone else can recover from multiple psychiatric hospitalizations, shock treatment and twenty years of psychiatric drugs? Mary Maddock is the author of Soul Survivor: A Personal Encounter with Psychiatry and a leader in the Irish psychiatric reform movement. I first met Mary several years ago in Ireland at one of the largest psychiatric reform conferences that I've ever participated in. Mary's story of personal triumph will inspire you to seek your own self-directed, self-defined road to psychological and spiritual freedom. Meanwhile, sign up soon at for our April 8-10 Empathic Therapy Conference in Syracuse, NY.

One of my most inspiring shows!  On this Valentine’s Day, I share thoughts about love with my dear friend, Dr. Adrianne Johnson--love in marriage and in every other aspect of life including therapy and the workplace.  And we disclose a lot about ourselves along the way.  What is love?  Is there love at first sight?  How to heal a broken marriage or friendship?  The difference between love and relationship?  How to overcome extreme loneliness?  Steps to take to find other people to love? We move back and forth between inspiring ideals and the details and practicalities of maintaining and growing a loving relationship.  And the first time ever, my wife Ginger surprises me by calling into the radio show to join us on the air.  I’ve always wanted her to do so, and now she does it as present to me on Valentine’s Day.  It's a show about happiness and how to achieve it.   You can meet Adrianne, along with Ginger, at our upcoming Empathic Therapy conference (, April 8-10 in Syracuse.

Today’s guest is Ronald W. Light, editor and author of The Risks of Prescription Drugs. Unless you are a world class expert on pharmaceutical companies, the FDA, and the drug approval process—this will be an incredibly enlightening hour. In fact, even the experts should learn from this analysis of medication risks associated with psychiatric and non-psychiatric drugs. Dr. Light will also join me in a special presentation at our upcoming Empathic Therapy Conference, April 8-10 in Syracuse New York (

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